USA Visa Application Online Form Step By Step Guide

USA visa is considered as jackpot these days. People who want to raise their living standard and to bring improvement in their house has a strong wish to go to USA to earn money. Some of the people on the other hand are interested in visiting their relatives or new arrival in their family and they are looking for visitor visa. There are some ways which can be used to successfully transfer their application and which increases their chances of getting USA visa as well. There are some limitations as well, which can be reviewed while you are filling online form.


There is an online application form as well as step to step guide added here which can help you fill application appropriately and increases your chances of getting visa.

1. Title of application form

Check the form you are downloading. There is always a title mentioned on the application form that is US visitor visa, US immigration form or student visa. If you have not found form of your purpose, look for another one. You may check out the website you have selected for the purpose is an official one or a website just there to make money. This step requires your emphasis as filling the wrong application is wastage of time.

2. Collecting photos

Check out how many members are applying for visa in the family. Generally multiple numbers of photographs are required for specific form. Check out availability of good and clear photographs and number of photographs required for the form. If you have photographs which are old or are blurred, don’t use them for the application form. Usually passport size pictures are required. For more accuracy check the detailed measurements available.


3. Fill other details

Before start filling the form, go through it once as it prevents any wrong filling. Once you start filling it, fill each and every detail on the application form, as it increases the chances of your application being reviewed among hundreds and thousands of them. Don’t leave any details as if you are unable to understand any details take help from the internet or checking the meaning in dictionary. If you are confused between two answers, you can take assistance from some elder in the family. Keep the code safe with you as it acts as a record that you have filled the application.

4. Pay the Fee

Arrange the fee amount mentioned on the form and once you have arranged it, you are requiring paying the fee. This can be done any way which is shown up in the form. For some visa it can be paid from banks therefore check out your account in the respected bank or you can even pay the amount without your account in the bank.


5. Get ready for Interview

It’s the time for interview. Once you have followed all the above steps, you will receive a call for interview. This interview is little different from the interview as technical and difficult questions are not asked, however the purpose of applying for visa can be asked. You can tell the purpose as mentioned in your form. There are lot of website who provide information about US visas but I recommend you to visit this website.