UK Spouse And Dependent Work visas

The several groupings below which family members can intersection you in the UK are usually indomitable by your citizen ship and your right to be in the UK.


The Dependent Visa category allows the dependents of a person who is an enduring inhabitant or UK native to request to connection them in the UK. This type of submission usually relates to family and children.The person who is an everlasting inhabitant or UK citizen and upon whom the presentation is grounded is mentioned to as the ‘guarantor’.

In case a submission for a Dependent visa works permit UK is efficacious the candidate will be contracted leave to go in the UK and the sovereignty to animate in the UK without limitation. Besides this there no work restraints sited on reliance of work permit holder UK.

Visa holders:

As condition on your presentation for a work permit holder UK is up-and-coming you will be allowed leave to come in the UK and the liberty to stay in Britain deprived of restraint.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • To be nominated as a reliant on you need be the spouse, bachelor of the sponsor. Children below the age of 18 years may possibly further more go along with the guarantor to the UK as work permit holder UK.
  • Please note that on the assumption that you are submission as a dependent on somebody who is an EEA nationwide, the reliance age for children is 21.
  • Different measures are appropriate liable on the kind of UK work permits UK visa detained by the person who is supporting your request.

Formerly your request can be permitted you will must to confirmation that your guarantor has the essential economic re sources and is eager to upkeep you.


Duration of Stay:

  1. On condition that you content the appropriate migration instructions for the visa you will be approved Open-ended Leave to go on in the UK.
  2. Reliance Visa owners can commonly request for UK Naturalization as a British legal resident after devising used up five years nonstop in the nation state.
  3. Even though you need to carry your family members to the Britannia with you in that situation there are several means to do this, be contingent on your nationality and, even related, your UK Visa status.
  4. Family members will generally comprise your other half or Spouse and your kids not more than the age 18.

In various circumstances you can carry your parents or blood relation to the United Kingdom on behalf of Dependent visa works permit UK, as they are economically reliant on you and need upkeep that cannot be on condition that in their home motherland.