Travelling Tips Going To Maldives For First Time Travellers

First time to visit Maldives? If you are planning to have a vacation or honeymoon in Maldives and are looking for tips and advice on what to bring, what to expect and what to consider before visiting the place, then this information is a good way to start.

You’ve suffered enough waiting for your passport and visa. Finally, everything is set and you seem ready to head on your first trip. Perhaps, you can’t tell exactly how you feel. I guess your whole body is filled with a mixture of excitement, worries and happiness. That’s normal for a first-timer but be sure to keep these vital tips in mind so to have an enjoyable and memorable visit to the to the luxury Maldives destinations.


What To Bring

Have enough cash on hand. Don’t rely much on your credit cards. Save yourself from the trouble of not being able to withdraw money from an ATM. It is recommended to appropriate amount for your basic needs and exchange your cash into the local currency before you leave. It is also important to have cash for emergency situations.

Always carry a medical kit with you. Emergencies or accidents can occur any time. It won’t hurt to keep a medical kit inside your carry-on bag. It’s better to think in advanced than to regret not getting to enjoy your trip because you don’t feel well. Better safe than sorry. Pain reliever, cold and flu tablets, vitamins, antibiotic, alcohol, medical adhesive tape, diarrhoea medicine and sunscreen are the things you may need in your medical kit when travelling.

Have a good camera with you. If you are like the average person, taking trips to new places doesn’t happen as often as you’d like. The ways to make the memories, like any important event in your life is to capture good photos, document every moment and share it with your loved ones. So make sure to take a reliable and HD camera with you.


What To Consider

Know the timezone differences. A common suggestion is that if you will arrive in the evening, try to stay awake during flight so you can sleep once at the hotel. On the other hand, if you will arrive in the morning, have a good sleep so you will be awake for the day.

Dress comfortably. When you travel, make sure to wear your most comfortable clothes from the top down to your footwear. Remember to keep it light, fresh and comfy.

Be on time. For domestic flight, make sure to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure and three hours for international flights. It’s better to book your flight early to avoid the hassles of peak season.

Stay in touch. Update your family back home as to where you are. Not only will it keep them from worrying, but also to keep yourself safe.


What To Expect

Maldives has beautiful atolls and beaches, tropical climate all year round, lavish hotels, crystal clear water and wonderful sea-life. You can choose to stay on their budget-friendly resorts or be satisfied with the island’s 5-star luxury hotels by riding a speedboat. This is the best place to enjoy snorkelling, diving, body massage, delicious meals and many water sports activities.

Lastly and most importantly, relax, enjoy the place, have fun and take all your worries away. A newlywed and thinking of where to celebrate your honeymoon? Honeymoon in Maldives is definitely a perfect choice. Book now and see the amazing beauty of Maldives Island.