The top selection of things to see on your holiday to Cheshire

Cheshire is located in the North West of England and consists of 4 main districts. These districts are Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Warrington, and Halton. There are a few locations in Cheshire worth noting and those which are planning a holiday or a day trip would do well to add these locations to their planned antennary as they are sure to add to your time there. Here are some great signs to visit as suggested by northern rail, a train company offering rail tickets to the North of England.

Walls of Chester

The Chester walls have boasted of being the most complete set of historical walls in Europe. Dating back to the Roman era (around 70 or 80 AD), the Chester walls allow for the visitor to walk the parameter and see the city from a different perspective. If you are planning on touring the Chester walls prepare for a 3.2 km journey. Where the tours and the duration of the tours differ, the walks can be taken around the majority of historical Chester.


Anderton Boat Lift

Cargo boats were lifted by the Anderton Boat lift 50 feet over 200 years ago. The original construction used water tanks and doors, but the modern design uses electrics and hydraulics. Tourists can enjoy tours through the Anderton Boat lift from April to October. Throughout the year the lift offers tours and other displays to the public. As an alternative to the traditional tour of the River Weaver and Trent & Mersey Canal the Anderton Boat lift provides an interactive and historical spot worth visiting.

Chesterton Cathedral

The Chesterton Cathedral offers a combination of a garden, a church, and an exhibition area. For those that want to enjoy a bit of historical religious architecture, the church offers a few different tour options. One of the most desired tours is the Cathedral Height tour which allows you to see the city from 125 feet up. Keep in mind that you will have to go up 216 steps and a narrow spiral staircase to get there, but if you can manage the climb the view is worth it. The Cathedral is still operational and offers both morning and evening services.

Apart from the Cathedral part of the Chesterton Cathedral, the site also houses the Falconry and Nature gardens. This is a top attraction for the area and showcases many of the birds of prey of the UK.

As the cathedral is functional it is advised to visit their website or call prior to your visit.

The Brindley Theatre

Although the theatre is relatively new (opening in 2004), it has made its place among the top places to see in Cheshire. The building was designed by Richard Brierley with a modern look for the modern live acts which it houses. Performances at this theatre have included John Otway, Rent: The Musical, as well as theatrical performances such as The Wizard of Oz and Sing along Frozen.

Tickets are not expensive as they start at £13 and go up depending upon the act and seating choice. Of course, you will need to take into consideration intermission concessions and such.

Chester Zoo

If you are looking for a family experience, then the Chester zoo is the perfect spot. Go and see over 12,000 animals from over 400 species.  The zoo is spanned over 125 acres and has a few exhibits. This includes the typical Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Monkeys as well as few varieties which may not be so common. The zoo also offers a few exhibits and interactive experiences for their visitors. Two of the most popular choices for families include the Animal Talks with the rangers as well as the recent developed island of Chester which allows for families to explore a rainforest like exhibit.

Roman Tours

Taking part in the history, the Roman tour offers an engaging and different perspective over the traditional historical tours of Cheshire. As such, the tours allow for younger audiences (such as teenagers) which may not be overly anxious to learn the history of the area to do so in a fun and engaging way. The Roman Tour is also currently developing a 1st Century Park in the Past. However, the site is not complete at this time.

These are but a few of the places that you can visit in Cheshire. As the town is a major tourist attraction and is merged in both history as well as modern culture, you will find a great amount of historical tours and destinations available. Those which are seeking a more modern holiday experience have selections from the zoo to the polo academy. Of course if you just want to dine and shop there are various stores available throughout the Cheshire region. For your trip plan on spending around £15-20 per person per paid event.