Temporary Work Visa

How to come to Canada on the Temporary work visa? If this is the question occurring to you, here we have this article for you.

In order to come to Canada on temporary work visa you need to fulfill some requirements. If by any chance you’re not eligible for Canadian work visa or your documentation for that is not proper, then you’ll probably find it difficult to get your visa.

If your homeland is not Canada, and you don’t have the Canadian citizenship, you would have to get a work permit to legally work in Canada. Complete all the requirements and the documentation in order to get the temporary Canadian work visa or else your application would be denied.

How to Apply?

Generally, you have to get your work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada AKA (CIC) before coming.

For the work permit the following factors should be highly grasped by the person applying for the permit.

• You should have a job offer in your lap before moving to Canada.
• The employer, making a job offer to you should be the genuine one.
• The ESDC would be deciding that whether or not the employer could hire an overseas worker or not.
• Your employer may require getting a LMIA AKA Labor Market Impact Assessment to hire you.
• All of this is to ensure that you meet the legal obligations and legally enter the country.

The Application fee

The Canadian government charges an application fee from the applicants.Payment of this fee is must.
Through the citizenship and immigration Canada website, most of the applicants can pay the fee in their own local currency.


An applicant should be loaded with all the necessary documents for the purpose of proving his/her eligibility.

They are also required to prove if they are eligible of meeting general requirements of the job or not.
This can be done be forwarding your Resume.

Identity proof

Applicants need a valid passport or a travelling document. This is a guarantee given to the Canadian government by the applicant that, he or she would return to their home country and not stay over there illegally.

On top of that, having a legal status in applicant’s own country is very important too. If the applicant is the permanent resident of the country he or she is applying form, then a proof of legal residence status would be required.

Key requirements

The general requirements to get the temporary Canadian work visa and entering the country should be met. Applicants in some cases would need a TRV. TRV is the Temporary Residence Visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for a list of countries that require temporary resident visas to enter the country should be gone through by the applicants to find out whether a visa is needed.

For a visitor visa or temporary residence visa the person can apply online. Payment can be made through your credit card online. Your credit card must be valid.