Sponsoring Work Permit In UK

Many people apply for work permit in UK but not everyone is able to achieve success in getting the visa. The main thing that most of the applicants lack is the necessary skills and qualifications.  In order to fulfill the abilities onset the employer must guarantee that the worker has one of the following:


  • A UK degree-level criterion
  • A Higher National Diploma (HND) requirement that is significant to the service
  • An HND-level condition that is not relevant to the service
  • At slightest 3 years’ experience using the skills learned by working in the position for which the permit is allotted like N/SVQ Level 3 or above.

 Creative worker

One of the essential criteria of the companies offering work permit in UK is you have to be creative worker and for this you need all of the following requirements:

  • Create an exclusive involvement to the UK labor market like you are globally famous or are compulsory for continuity
  • Certificate of sponsorship position number
  • Paid the minimum salary as set by Equity, PACT or BECTU
  • £945 in reserves to show that you can support yourself

One thing that most applicants didn’t noticed that if you’re fully approved and A-rated than you won’t need £945 in funds as sponsor has mentioned on your certificate of sponsorship that they’ll confirm your upkeep and that you won’t have the right to use benefits during your stay.



Documents you must provide to the companies sponsoring work permit in UK:

  • 1 fresh passport size color photograph
  • Current passport or travel papers
  • Proper Bank statements presenting you’ve had at least £945 in funds continuously
  • Recently perform tuberculosis test results if your country has this test on compulsory requirement

One more thing you have you must leave a blank page in your passport to apply for work permit in UK on which to put the visa.


Application Procedure:

Due to latest upgrade in visa policy you must apply online for this visa. You have to provide fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application center to get a bio metric residence license as part of your application and also for companies offering work permit in UK. Make sure to collect your bio metric residence permit in 10 days of your time you want to arrive in the UK. If things go your ways you may be able to get your visa quicker or other facilities dependent on what country you’re in check with your visa application center.