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Trekwear share some of the most unlikely ski spots in the world. It can be our little secret.

The World’s Most Unlikely Ski Spots

The role call of athletes who competed at the last Winter Olympics in Sochi featured plenty of usual suspects.

While there were strong contingents from Switzerland, Austria and Norway, as well as teams from those countries neighbouring the Alpine nations such as Britain, among their ranks were also a select group of competitors hailing from distinctly less wintry climes.

These included Tonga’s first Winter Olympian, Bruno Banani; Dominican couple Gary and Angelica di Silvestri; and mariachi-ski-suit-wearing Mexican Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe.

As well as being fascinating competitors in their own right, these unlikely contenders for Olympic glory have got us thinking about the world’s most unlikely ski spots – the places where you never imagined you could strap on your skis and hit the slopes.



If you told your friends you were going skiing on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which is renowned for its stunning beaches and has an average temperature of 12C even in the winter, you might expect a few strange looks.

However, Cyprus is also home to Mount Olympus, a near 2,000m-tall peak in the centre of the island that features no fewer than six, mainly beginner, pistes served by four lifts, which are open during a ski season that normally runs from January to March.

The whole operation is overseen by the Cyprus Ski Club, which was created way back in 1947.

Abu Dhabi

A bit of a trick one really, as there isn’t any snow in Abu Dhabi. However, you can ski and snowboard in the emirate in the so-called Empty Quarter (Rub al-Khali), which is home to world’s tallest sand dunes at 300m in height.

Sand boarding is just one of the many activities you can enjoy when it’s not too hot, alongside ‘fat biking’, camel riding and 4×4 driving.

South Africa

Most people who head to South Africa have done so with the Big Five in mind, rather than perfecting their parallel turns, but the Tiffindell resort situated at 2,720m above sea level in the Eastern Cape Highlands does offer visitors the chance to take a break from wine tasting and wildlife spotting to give skiing a go during the winter (our summer).

What a way to get your wintersports fix when all the snow has melted in the Alps, eh?


Turkey attracts millions of holidaymakers each year, but most of them are in search of three things beginning with ‘s’, none of which are ‘snow’ or ‘skiing’. However, as well as boasting plenty of sun, sea and sand, Turkey is a very mountainous country, and during the winter its peaks receive enough snow to make for some decent ski conditions.

And unlike in South Africa, there a several resorts to choose from, including Uludag, the longest running, and Palandoken, one of the largest and boasting a four to five-month season. It’s therefore a serious alternative to an Alpine holiday for Europeans, rather than a quirky aside as in Cyprus and South Africa, so why not give it a try this winter?

If you are travelling to one of these most unlikely skiing spots, stop by our skiwear section and stock up on the gear you need. New salopettes? Why not!