Releasing the Stresses of Travelling in Taiwan

Travelling for many is much more than just an “experience”. Instead, for many travelling is like a religion; it’s all consuming and it’s a way of life. Destinations may vary, methods of travel and what each traveller hopes to achieve all depend on the individual. Yet, amongst all the diversity in the world one thing remains constant: stress.

Of course, travelling to an all inclusive beachside resort and spa won’t entail as much stress as a backpacking trip through Nepal, but both will at times leave you feeling tired and in need of a recharge. No matter where you go, if you are taking a boat, car, bus or plane, the travelling time between point A and point B will probably be the most stressful part of the trip. Once you arrive at your destination, hopefully the scenery, people and food will help to dissipate the built up stress accrued over travelling time. If not, there is one sure way to feel better: a long relaxing massage.

taiwan massage

Massages are an age-old art form, practiced all around the world in different variations. They can range from light and bland to excruciating and intense. Different countries will have different methods of releasing tension from your body; some are more forceful, while others are more coerced. One this is for sure, after a long flight, no matter where you are, an hour-long full body massage of just about any type is the perfect way to relax and recharge for an action packed travel experience.

For example, the beautiful island of Taiwan is home to many great travellers delights, from the culinary to the geographic, this tropical island is home to all sorts of marvelous things. One such splendor is the rich massage culture that permeates the country. Taiwanese massages come in several different varieties, some soothing and others painful, but all will leave you feeling like a new person afterwards.

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, and a beautiful one at that. Luckily for the weary explorer there are tons of massages parlors and spas sprinkled throughout the city. Taipei massages can be as exotic as authentic Thai massages, or as refreshing as a deep tissue essential oil massage. With prices usually between $15 and $50, you can’t beat the value for money that this wonderful city provides.

Next time you are trying to choose a travel destination, consider Taiwan. Don’t forget to hit up a massage parlor immediately after touching down at Taoyuan airport to erase the tension of your flight!