Popular Frauds & Scams in Tokyo Japan

Being scammed is no less than the worst nightmare for tourists the heading to Tokyo, Japan. Having a safe and enjoyable night out in Japan is possible if you’re aware of the high risk areas for crime in Tokyo. We all are attracted to the offers where we are getting amazing salaries along with a free visa to Japan. Well, same happens with many of the people who’re visiting for employment purposes. You would find scammers in Tokyo who are all set to make the visitors/tourists and job-seekers fall in their nasty and bluffly trap. The trapping procedure for job-seekers is quite simple; they will approach you online and will offer you an attractive salary package, unmatchable perks & benefits and free visa to Tokyo Japan. The tone is so convincing that the people falling in the trap will be ready to save money through any means even if it requires selling off their existing and valuable belongings. Once the victim reaches the capital city of Japan accompanied with heavy luggage, he/she will definitely try to approach the person for whom he has been here. The victim is then invited for a meeting where scammers discuss their own selfish projects. The whole scenario would be bitter enough for you to regret why you traveled all the way from your native country to Tokyo Japan. All those dreams and hopes will be ruined and shattered once you come to know the reality.

The next scam alert is about the most dangerous place in Tokyo. I’d like to advise all the tourists heading to Japan to step into one of the Roppongi Bars at your own risk. The bars in this district are renowned for doing fraud with the people who hang out here to enjoy nightlife in Japan. Once they leave, their credit card is still charged for few thousand dollars of Champaign and excessive charges that are deducted from credit card for no valid reason. This is an on-going crime in Roppongi Bars that hasn’t been completely addressed. Though a number of complaints have been made against this fraudulent bar but once you hang out there get ready to be charged for fake charges placed on your very own credit card throughout life. While you’re considering yourself lucky by having several bottles of Champagne and socializing with Brazilian girls, you won’t realize the real fact that you were being drugged until you pay off the fraudulent bill amounting to 6000 pounds. Stick to the warnings before you get into a big trouble or being completely robbed. It has been declared as the most dangerous and high risk area in Japan because of a number of frauds and scam incidents. The victims are found waking up in the alleys with all their money, credit cards and valuable things been stolen.

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