PlaySuits & Jumpsuits

Lets face it, cheap jumpsuit is likely one fashion garment which was not in your wardrobe end year, so credit crunch or not, it may ensure to buy at least one version to suit your shape. A girl has to wear something perfect? So why not make it uber and vintage fashionable?

Utterly, versatile, cute, anyone who anyone is either discussing about or wearing of the current coolest fashion trends in the form of playsuit or jumpsuits. This stunning new trend was begun when top designers such as Alexander McQueen presented jumpsuits on the globes finest catwalks. McQueen presented both these charming girl body-con jumpsuits designed with crystallised fabric – the jumpsuit material has been embedded with comfort crystal pieces that glimmer in a way that just top notch Austrian crystal can. The feedback looks the jumpsuit into realm of sexy, exotic and stylish evening wear.  We mere mortals may best something more down to earth, but each one of us admires the figure-defining cut of these playsuits which are most reminiscent of knitted lace jumpsuits.


Fashion students have always learnt how trends of previous generation are resurrected and recreated in a new style or form. We see this happening in many lines of new day fashion, and has prompted the resurgence in the sales of vintage coasts, vintage dresses, vintage skirts, vintage tops, and vintage accessories, the result is the wonderful retro jumpsuit, playsuit or flying suit.

But the all-in-one is likely no new invention, we have seen this shape in important fashion going back to 1950s swimwear. Most of us believe of the eighties we see jumpsuits but the birth of the playsuit was really in the late sixties. In art homes and chic rich haunts globally, the longer and shorter jumpsuits was making waves. It was simple and classic, think Coco Channel black and white monochrome beneath.