Partner Of Work/Study Permit Visa

Brief Introduction

In an effort to have the best and shiniest foreign workers in Canada, This visa was introduced by the Canadian government. The Partner of work/Study visa serves the purpose of giving the Spouses and partners to be employed in Canada while they accompany their partners with this visa.

Eligibility is must. The partner of work/study permit visa gives the allowance to the people for accompanying their spouses and partners and to enjoy the benefits of the many employment opportunities available to them without strictly demanding the academic achievements, credentials and experience.

No specific job offer is required.

This type of visa holders can get any position with any employer for the time period of the validity of their work permit.


As i said no job offer is mandatory and required to get the advantage of this type of visa but however some conditions apply. The person seeing a work permit under his partner of Work/Study permit holder visa and the partner are required to stay and reside in Canada.

Applicants could be eligible for the work permit for the duration of validity of their spouses or partner’s visa.

To attain and possess this visa as the partner of a work permit holder, the applicant’s spouse or the partner should be in Candida.

• Should be having and possessing a valid work permit in a skilled or semi-skilled (eligible) occupation.
• The time for occupation is at least 6 months.
• The occupations are Technical or trade, Professional, Management occupations.
• A full time post-secondary institution’s attending is a must thing for the partner of spouse of the applicant. They partner/ spouse of the applicant must be Inside Canada and must have a valid study permit too.

No offer of employment is necessary for the applicant, seeking this type of visa. The open work permit with which the applicants will be granted, do not restrict the employer or position of the employment.

The Visa entitlements

Upon getting the partner of work/study permit visa and after its successful issuance, the applicants will have the permission to work and live in Canada for a specified period of time. The time granted is generally between 6 months and 2 years. The spouse along with the children could possibly be eligible to work and study during their stay. While totally relying on the partner’s study permit or the work permit, the extension of the temporary work permit if they continue to work in Canada is possible. A partner of a work/study permit holder visa may help them with a permanent residence facility and an application for the permanent residence.

The Canadian government with this visa allowance gives a great opportunity to the partners of the applicants to align them in Canada and stay with them while working with them. This visa can lead to permanent residence too and with ease if all the requirements of this visa have been met and the partners apply for the citizenship.