Motorhome On The Rise In The UK

Over the last year, around 16 million people in the UK have taken camping related trips. As it stands the caravan is still the most popular way to accommodate the family, with almost half of this figure using this, compared to a quarter sleeping in a tent and the remaining using Motorhome sites.trispot-3

What this figure doesn’t tell you is that Motorhome ownership or for hire is rising by 23% each year. The common image of these homes being used by retired couples is slowly fading, with families taken 18% of all Motorhomes sold. The rise in popularity of the Motorhome has a lot to do with a vehicle that doubles as a home on wheels. The rising costs of home ownerships for young families as well as more people looking to holiday in the UK, rather than face the expense of trying to take a family abroad over the school holidays, is changing the image of the Motorhome.

One of the advantages the Motorhome has over Caravans is that everything is very self-contained. The need to own a car is not required for Motorhomes, compared to Caravans which require a car strong enough to tow them, making the driving experience less enjoyable.

The standard and quality of Motorhomes is also improving, with many being extremely luxurious, containing very high standards of living accommodation. Even if the weather is bad, there is no need to travel around too far to find liveable accommodation and toilet breaks become the thing of the past, thus reducing the amount of driving time. Many Motorhomes have self-levelling jacks so the need for blocks under caravan wheels no longer exists, you can tow a small economic car for taking out on day trips once you’re at your destination and they are generally easier to move and drive.


Motorhomes in the long term can be cost effective for any family. Whilst the initial upfront price of one around £10,000 may seem very expensive, the amount of money spent on trips overseas, running of a large family car or family home would make the investment in a Motorhome cost effective over a five year period. Some Motorhomes can extremely spacious, so the right research into the right model will bring rewarding results.

The future is likely to bring changes in the market share in favouring owning a Motorhome as opposed to a caravan, with the choice based on value for money, greater amount of living space, the Motorhome will soon displace the caravan as the UK’s preferred choice of holiday travel.

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