Learn More About The Best Places To Go Heli Skiing In Canada

Heli skiing is a rapidly growing sport. As it gains popularity and notoriety, people are falling in love with the adrenaline rush
combined with the opportunity to see incredible landscapes on the ride up the mountain.Rather than using traditional methods to get to the top of mountains, heli skiing takes you up using a helicopter.This means that you can spend less time traveling and more time on the slopes enjoying the sport.As people are beginning to learn that they can maximize their ski experience with heli skiing, more and more are jumping on board.

Visit by Hans Jorg Conzelmann to Bella Coola Heli Sports

One of the best locations for anyone’s heli skiing adventure is Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.They have been offering heli skiing since 2001 and they are a first class location.In addition to offering killer slopes and amazing deals, they also have gourmet food service, luxury accommodations and they are placed in the scenic and awe inspiring Canadian wilderness.While they have amazing service and packages, they are also a small lodge, holding only about eighteen people at a time.These means that when you choose to go to Tweedsmuir with Bella Coola Heli Skiing, you will get private slope access and can truly take in and enjoy the experience.

Up next on the list is the Pantheon Heli Ranch.This is the location for the true heli ski adventurer, it is one of the few locations that will take you to places where you can have first descents on the mountain.This means that you can ride down mountains that have never been skied before.Similar to Tweedsmuir, it’s a fairly small lodge holding only eight people.Because of its size you and small group of friends can essentially rent an entire mountain to have to yourselves!The area where this little resort is nestled was largely unexplored until 1925, and it continues to be a very peaky and wild area that is inaccessible, unless you have a helicopter that is.

If you’re looking for world-class heli skiing in Canada but are still on a budget, one of the best options that you have might just be Big Mountain.This resort doesn’t have any direct lodging, but has several options nearby and is just a few minutes from the airport.It is also located right outside of a small town so you can taken in some local scenery while you’re there as well.They have instructors, tours, and lessons so that heli skiers of any experience level can come and enjoy the fresh powders slopes and enjoy this new and exciting sport.

Traditional skiers that are tired of spending the majority of their days at the slope on the lifts need to check out heli skiing.Traditional skiing doesn’t hold a candle to heli skiing in Canada.There is nothing like being one of a select few riding down a mountain on fresh powder – not condensed snow – being able to take in raw beauty of the wilderness.With all the options availablethere is sure to be one that fits your tastes and budget so that you can enjoy a world-class thrilling experience in Canadian wilderness.