Holidays on the Island of Krk, Croatia

If you are fan of cultural tourism, then island of Krk will be perfect travel destination for you. You can see there a unique mix between the culture ofthe East and West. Its great location in between Europe, Africa and Asia made the island favorite location for vacation for many individuals around the world. It offers a shelter for many tourists, who make the journey of their life. Island of Krk has been constantly inhabited since Roman times and was once part of the Byzantine Dalmatia after the Roman Western empire had fallen. Krk island was an crucial island for the Romans and you’ll see Roman leftovers in the town walls and a Roman thermal with a hypocaust dating from the 2nd and 1st century BC.

For a nice summertime vacation in Krk, you simply have to sample some of the local cuisine which can only be described as fresh and sophisticated. Very much like Mediterranean food, it relies heavily on seafood and the regional produce such as olives and truffles however also wholesome meat such as lamb or goat. As a testimony to the city’s long Italian heritage, there are still lots of Italian restaurants which serve unique dishes.


Recommended highly by travellers, island of Krk is a destination assured to surprise the guest with the extensiveness of its beaches, the charm of its villages and the wealth of its history. Whatever side of this country that interest you, you can find tailor made holidays to fit your every impulse. Whether you wish to invest your time discovering the modern-day appeals of a bustling area, accommodated by luxury hotels and resorts and local taverns alike, or discovering the history of an area that rewards even the most brief investigation, Krk is an interesting destination.

Private accommodation is numerous and fairly inexpensive on Krk, particularly off-season. The majority of the Krk island hotels are big, resort style places . All hotels and apartments have very accurate descriptions and picture galleries, and they are also thoroughlydescribed by their rating stars, but how to find appropriate house when there is so little information? Most people leasing accommodation in Krk are private property owners and they have nice residences by the beach or in the countryside, with holiday apartments for numerous numbers of people. These apartments and studio-apartments in private houses can differ from standard to high-class ones, but if you’re looking for a really exclusive experience of Krk, then you certainly need to book accommodation in a classic stone villa. If you do not seem like spending your vacations in a stone house, find a modern villa which follows all most current innovation trends, enjoy in its poolside and a view at the sea. It is advisable to make your bookings in advance. An invaluable resource for travellers looking for budget apartments and hotels in Krk can be found here. Also check out great range of last minute deals to Krk Island.

You can get to Krk by land, sea and by air due to the fact that there is also an international airport which can handle big and small airplanes. The island doesn’t have a train line. The closest train terminal is in Rijeka, just 30 kilometres from Krk. There are everyday trains to and from Austria, Switzerland, Italy Germany and Slovakia. If you prefer boat rides you can also get to Rijeka by ferryboat and one of the safe ports of the island in your own sail boat. Krk is not the spot to get away from it all as the major towns and resorts are jam-packed with German and Austrian travelers from May to September, primarily because it’s simple to get to and it’s an extremely picturesque island.