Historic City of Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is situated on an island in the middle of the main land and the island of Čiovo. The sculptural originality on the stone of the town is what creates it so particular. Trogir’s ancient basic come to be its place on UNESCO’s list of world inheritance visions for the reason that of its beauty and traditional value. Walking over the streets of Trogir is similar wandering to the period of Grecians, Romans and Venetians.

If we look toward positioned in the eastern sideways of the city, in the city square is the cathedral or church, Come across the city with 2300 years of custom. Its amusing culture is formed under the inspiration of old Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. Trogir with concentration of palaces, cathedrals, towers, and fortress on a tiny island usually it is well known by “THE STONE BEAUTY”


TROGIR was established by the Greeks in IV-III century BC throughout theirs hunts through Mediterranean. In the 6th century, the Croats developed in Trogir area and began crafting works of art. Exactly from the starting of the middle Ages the ancient Greek town of Tragurion touched the fire of the new

feudal culture. Builders and masons built churches and decorated it with interlaced ornamentation.

Historical Reference & location of Trogir:

Trogir is placed in central Dalmatia, near Split. The historic centre is on a small island at the western extremity of Manios Bay. The basis of Trogir goes back to the 3rd century BC. It went on to turn out to be a vigorous dock in most primitive times.

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