Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration is not that easy to achieve but moving to Canada is a thrilling chance but also an excessive challenge. The basic problem in immigration is to get the permanent resident card (PR card) and is the official evidence that you are an enduring local of Canada. This will be a wallet-sized plastic card that allows you to enter and stay in Canada. Canada Immigration process may be very dissimilar from your home country which shows there is a big deal to know and discover before going there. Before going you have to know some important features of this country such as:

  • Land and weather
  • People
  • Government
  • Laws
  • Human rights
  • Provinces and Territories


Possible candidates must new law precisely that will provide positive discretion which may be exercised by the immigration officer for an application.Canadian immigration points are the main factor that is commendable but does not rate the 67 points.

Here are some free facilities for immigrants to Canada include:

  • Language Assessments and lessons
  • Finding a job
  • Filling out forms and requests
  • Data about community services such as mentoring

There are different Canadian immigration forms that will help you getting all the information. You priority should be searching for immigrant services in your area. Certain law firm makes the most of your probabilities of being granted this positive discretion.  HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada) approval is the best policy obtainable and can improve 10 points under Arranged Employment category.

During the Canadian citizenship, you can apply for an enduring resident travel document if you are a:

  • Permanent Resident outside Canada
  • Prepare to return to Canada by airplane, boat, train or bus
  • Considering about the documents for valid PR card seeing your permanent resident status.

Considering the facts the travel document is generally only legal for one single entry. If you will require a travel document for more than one visit to Canada, this changes the situation.Now your application should contain a letter explanation to clear why you need multiple entries.


Make sure to prepare all about the following topics as questions were asked about your:

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Language skill
  • Family members
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Income
  • Facts on any job offer

It is largely depend on your answers that what programs you will be eligible for, so be as precise as you can. If you are suitable then you should put on request for the Canada Immigration.