A Review of Alpybus: Geneva to Chamonix

I recently went on a summer trip to The Alps in France. My main goal on this holiday was to do lots of hiking whilst there. My friend had recommended Chamonix, a ski town in the French Alps, as the perfect place to do some walking and hiking too. As I had never been to Chamonix, I was looking at the transport options for getting there and back.  Here is a review of my trip from London to Chamonix via Geneva airport. This may be of use to you if you are planning the same journey.


How did I get there?

I used Skyscanner.net to look for flights from London to the closest airport to Chamonix, which is Geneva in Switzerland. Chamonix sits on the border between France, Switzerland and Italy, so Geneva is not too far away at all. To my surprise I was delighted to see that EasyJet ( a low cost airline) did a number of very affordable flights to Geneva airport. I managed to get a flight for just £55 return from London Gatwick airport. I must note though, that this did not include any luggage checked in, just hand luggage. There is a fee to book in a checked case. Because my trip was only 5 days long, I thought it was unnecessary to take so much with me.

How did I get from Geneva to Chamonix?

I looked online to find out how to get from Geneva to Chamonix. I knew from previous travelling experience that taxis from one country to another could be costly. When I looked on Google maps I found that the journey time was around 90 minutes, so that could be over 300 Euros in a taxi. Not to mention how I would not know which currency to pay the driver, Swiss Francs or Euros could both potentially be charged.

A quick Google search told me that there were several bus transfer companies that aimed to solve this problem with shared transfers to and from Geneva airport. The most recommended one (and cheapest too!) was a company called Alpybus. I went online to get a quote and the transfer was quoted at just over 22 Euros, much better than 300 Euros I was thinking I would need to pay. Online you just put in your flight details and they match you up with the best bus for your timings. You are instructed to go to a desk (just outside the baggage collection) where an airport representative then meets you. I found this extremely helpful as I had never been to Geneva airport before. The amount of people running round looking for their bus was unreal, I was so glad I chose Alpybus instead of those other bus transfer companies.

The best bit was finding out that my Alpybus took me to my door in Chamonix! Perfect! The driver was extremely efficient at making the stops and I believe we got to Chamonix in just 80 minutes altogether.  I would highly recommend anyone else struggling to find travel options from Geneva to Chamonix to check Alpybus out.