3-Stage Plan for your Family Camp Are you planning a family camping trip?

3-Stage Plan for your Family Camp Are you planning a family camping trip? There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. Experiencing Mother Nature is a great way to spend a vacation or even a weekend. Bracing against the elements with our loved ones makes it memorable and enjoyable. What things will you do? Where do you start? This 3 stage approach will enable you make the best family camping plan for your trip.

1. Start with the tent

The tent is always the first thing. To know what kind of tent you want, count how many family members will be with you, then add one. That tent size will ensure you’re all comfortable. Also look at the season you’ll be going camping. A three-season tent caters for late autumn, winter or early spring. Four-season tents are sturdier, but they are designed for heavy winds. That’s not necessary if you’ll be camping in a cave.


2. Sleeping Materials and Basic Supplies

The next step is to ensure that your family has all it needs to survive the camp. Will you go for the air mattress or use sleeping bags? Will you need foam or air bags? You can also bring along your pillow. Folding chairs will come in handy when you need to relax. Don’t forget fire starters and matches. Of course, you’ll also need firewood and food. Basic supplies also include flashlights, bowls, spoons, toiletries and the first aid kit. When you’re all set, you can now get to the fun stuff. Be sure to involve your kids in everything-from putting up the tent to building the campfire. That will enable them to grasp the excitement of it all.

3. Things to Do

This is here it all gets interesting. There are plenty of ideas to choose from, so you can pick whichever combination that will make the best family camping plan. They include: – Hiking: Almost every camping site has a hiking trail somewhere nearby, or even leading to it. Pick the trail that’s both challenging and fun, especially for the kids. This is a beautiful way to see nature, and work on your health and fitness. – Fishing: Will there be a lake or river nearby? Then bring along your fishing poles and go fishing. It will be a great opportunity to pick up a new skill- and you don’t have to be a pro to do it. – Games: The best family camping plan has to have activities that everyone can participate in. Games do that. Take soccer for example- it’ll be easy to kick around a ball in the camping area. Most families like games that are small and easy to pack- like cards and toys. They are also good for playing when it’s raining or when you’re in the ten at night. – Sightseeing and Star gazing: Take in what nature has to offer. Wildlife, forests, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, mountains, lakes- it depends on where you go camping. Make it a learning moment for the children. And before you settle in for the night, look up at the night sky. Wonder in awe at the constellations and appreciate the magnificence of the universe. It’s an opportunity you don’t often get in cities and towns.


Family camps are both intriguing and enjoyable. They give you an opportunity to bond and relax from the hustle and hustle of everyday life. Your children live for the adventure. If you plan it right, your biggest challenge will be getting the kids to sleep each night.